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About FKC International, Inc.

FKC International develops unprecedented, all-natural health supplements that are used around the world. FKC products are developed by scientists as an approach to healing and health using the highest quality herbs, minerals and supplements - blended to perfection to assist in restoring the body to its natural healthy state. FKC prides itself on voluntarily manufacturing all of its products in the United States using a facility that meets the high standards of the FDA GMP.

FKC recognizes that we are in a Global Marketplace and provides a world wide opportunity for all customers who enjoy FKC products to participate as members in a global online referral program. Through this system, FKC is not only helping customers to restore their health, but also make these members wealthy. Because of this dual effect, FKC's motto for its members has become: “Health & Wealth”.


FKC Manufacture Facility